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Meet The Staff

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Angela Duke

Dr. Duke began her career in medicine working as a paramedic in the early 1990s.  Her shift to veterinary medicine began when she decided to change careers and attend veterinary school in 1996.  Dr. Duke graduated from the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000.  She has worked in Chicago for the past 18 years focusing on small animals including dogs, cats and all exotic pets.  Dr. Duke’s major focus is canine and feline medicine, however, she has a great interest in exotic pet medicine as well.  Dr. Duke has had the good fortune to train side by side with Dr. Sue Horton at Chicago Exotics in Skokie for four years and Dr. Pete Sakas at Niles Bird Clinic for three years, in addition to her extensive experience with dogs and cats. Duke Animal Hospital was opened by Dr. Duke in May 2011, initially as a house call practice and progressing into a permanent full scale veterinary facility which opened at 3941 N. Ashland in Chicago in April of 2012.  Duke Animal Hospital is a state of the art veterinary facility providing wellness care, emergency medical support and illness treatment for all pets. Dr. Duke’s vision includes caring for companion pets from their juvenile period through their geriatric years providing high quality medical care and guidance for the pet and their human partners.




 Dr. Duke is a member of the following organizations:

  • American Veterinary Medical Association
  • American Animal Hospital Association
  • Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association
  • Chicago Veterinary Medical Association
  • Association of Avian Veterinarians
  • Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians
  • Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians
  • Chicago Turtle Club
  • Chicago Herpetological Society
  • House Rabbit Society of Chicago
  • Greater Chicago Ferret Association
  • The Critter Corral

Dr. Elizabeth Davis

Dr. Elizabeth Davis graduated with high honors from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1997.  She has worked at several very busy small animal practices since she graduated gaining invaluable experience treating all species of companion pets including dogs, cats and all exotic species.    Dr. Davis joined us at Duke Animal Hospital in January of 2016 and has become an integral part of our veterinary staff.  Dr. Davis has had many different species of pets during her lifetime and currently shares her home with her Amazon Parrot, Amanita, and her Golden Retriever, Duncan.  When she is not at work, she enjoys taking Duncan on short trips in nature, photography, reading, and loves dancing. 

Dr. Arian Santiago

Dr. Santiago graduated from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007 and has lived in the city since. She began her career in general practice clinics immediately, enjoying the long-lasting relationships she forms with parents and their pets by being their primary care veterinarian, feeling a sense of family with many of her patients. Having particular experience with guinea pigs, rabbits, and birds (aside from cats and dogs), working at Duke Animal Hospital has allowed Dr. Santiago to become involved in many interesting and unusual cases, many exotics, and with local specialists. Dr. Santiago grew up in the Northwest Suburbs with dogs, rabbits, birds, hamsters, fish, and even mice. Though she has no pets of her own right now, she fosters city pets and cares for her parents' Bedlington Terriers. Outside of work, Dr. Santiago has a full social-life - she often retells tales of enjoying live music and new restaurants, and enjoys traveling and hiking just as much as visiting the Shedd Aquarium (where she completed an externship during her senior year of vet school) and spending time with her family and friends.

Dr. Ashley Alore

Dr. Ashley Alore graduated with her doctorate in 2015 from the University of Minnesota's Veterinary School. She began her career in Wisconsin, working with companion animals and dairy cows in the mixed animal medicine field. Originally from Downers Grove, Dr. Alore moved back to Chicago to spend be closer to her fiance and her family, having two sisters, a nephew, and a niece. Aside from working with cats and dogs, Dr. Alore enjoys working with exotics as well, having particular experience with ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs. She also really enjoys surgeries, and gaining insight and honing her craft more with each new case. Aside from practicing medicine, Dr. Alore enjoys crocheting blankets, painting abstract art, and playing board games. She has a passion for travel and shares her home with her two wonderful cats, Peebs and Xander.

Dr. Kelly Gutierrez

Biography coming soon! Please join us in welcoming Dr. Gutierrez to the practice.

Administrative Team


Facilities Manager & Veterinary Technician

Corinne came to Duke Animal Hospital during the summer of 2015 to complete her practicum in the Veterinary Technician program at Fox College. It was a great fit and she started full time after graduation! Corinne's pets include her bulldog mix Torple and her three cats Van Gogh, Mortimer and Bellatrix.  With a background in the music industry, Corinne spends her free time going to see local bands perform along with reading, riding her bike, and camping/hiking.  Her eclectic likes include dinosaurs and terror birds, pathology, parasitology, math, puzzles, fractious cats, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and eating jalapeno chips!


Technician Manager & Certified Veterinary Technician

Jamie has been a resident of Chicago for over 14 years and graduated from the Vet Tech Institute at Fox College as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2013.  Aside from working at Duke Animal Hospital.  Jamie has a music and theater background and is also a graduate of Second City Training Center where she studied improvisation and comedy writing.  In her free time she enjoys writing, performing stand-up comedy, karaoke, and spending time with her husband, Scott and their pets - a cat named Stinky and Plott Hound mix named Bryn.


Human Resource Manager & Receptionist

Kristy joined the Duke Animal Hospital Team as a receptionist shortly after the hospital opened, and has since moved into the role of Human Resource Manager. She comes from a background of animal lovers, as her family currently has 9 dogs ranging from Min Pins to a Great Dane! Her own, Diva, is a lovable Great Dane Mix with a love of strawberries. Kristy loves to go out dancing and does so as often as possible.  She also has a special interest in pet-sitting, photography, and cooking.


Reception Manager & Receptionist

Natalie joined the team as a receptionist in 2015, since transitioning to the role of Reception Manager. Hailing from England, she moved to Michigan in 2006 and graduated from Western Michigan University with her BS in Business. Having always had a huge soft spot for animals, Natalie enjoys the diverse array of animals we see here, thriving in her ability to meet and learn more about them and their care. When Natalie is working, be sure to check behind the counter to say "Hello" to her corgi mix, Milo (pictured), whom can often be found napping on the job. At home, Natalie also has three cats (Esme, Negan, and Kevin), two bunnies (Belle and Hagrid), and a crested gecko named Petri. Natalie plans on moving to Arizona in the next few years where she wants to open an animal sanctuary to take in at-risk and abandoned pets to give them a peaceful place to live out their lives. Aside from her passion for pet care and rescue, Natalie enjoys going to concerts, painting in her spare time, and traveling.


Client Liaison & Receptionist

Sally is a lifelong animal lover and has lived with a variety of pets over the years.  Originally from the east coast, she and her husband Niles are happy to call Chicago home.  Sally and Niles currently have 3 cats, Celeste (pictured), Ella, and Raven.

Meet our Staff



Alicia has been with Duke Animal Hospital for several years as a receptionist, transitioning to full-time in 2016. Biography coming soon.


Assistant & Veterinary Technician

Native to Chicago, Anita joined Duke Animal Hospital in 2018 as an assistant to gain experience in the veterinary field, and cross-trains as a technician. She is currently working on her bachelors in Biology and Pre-Vet Medicine at DePaul University, with plans of becoming a veterinarian in mixed-animal medicine or an emergency clinic in the UK. In her spare time, Anita also volunteers at animal shelters and rescues. At home, Anita has a Maltese named Maya, a rat terrier named Mickey, a dwarf hamster, four gerbils, a painted turtle, and a dutch rabbit. She also enjoys reading dystopian novels and playing RPGs.


Technician & Receptionist

During the Summer of 2017, Brittney started at Duke Animal Hospital after having been a client of the hospital. Her love for animals of all shape and size as well as her fascination with the science behind it led her to also cross-train with the medical team as a technician. Her favorite new skills are monitoring during surgeries and reading slides under the microscope. She is the proud fur-mama of her two cats: Pantalaimon a grey short hair cat, and Kahlua Lu-Bear who was a former stray cat. She also has a hoard of ferrets (pictured): Shimbleshanks a brown sable, Whitaker a black sable, Yuffie the albino, and Felurian a beautiful blaze ferret.  Her other passions include writing, drawing, reading tarot, exploring the world of tea, and hobbiting around the neighborhood with long walks. She hopes to be a published author one day, with a high fantasy novel in the works, and dreams of opening an exotic rescue in the future.


Veterinary Technician

Cindy began working with Dr. Duke when Duke Animal Hospital was a house call practice.  She has been working as a technician for 15 years and loves what she does! When not helping our patients, Cindy enjoys spending time with her husband, four children, and granddaughter. She is an avid movie buff, and relaxing on the couch with family while watching movies is a favorite pastime. At home, she has three dogs - Sparky, Mickey, and her German Shepard named Kane.



A Chicago Native, Clarissa began working at Duke Animal Hospital in February of 2018, joining two of her sisters at the front desk as a receptionist. Coming from a family of animal lovers, Clarissa has always had a strong passion for animals and their well-being. Meeting each new pet and seeing familiar faces and paws as well as getting to interact with the pet-parents that come through our doors is her favorite part of her job, allowing her to also offer her pet-sitting services when she's able to. At home, Clarissa has three adorable and well-loved dogs - Monkey the border collie mix, Beans the pug, and Maxi the cairn terrier mix. She is working towards having a house of her own in the near future and being able to fill it with pugs and border collies to join her family. Aside from spending time with her four-legged companions, Clarissa loves to try new cuisines and shopping.


Certified Veterinary Technician

Denise has been working as a veterinary technician since 2009 and joined Duke Animal Hospital in spring of 2016.  She couldn't be happier in her vocation and loves working together as a team to treat patients and gain the trust of our clients.  Her pet family includes her dog Diesel, a pit bull, her leopard gecko Fred and ball python Waffles.  In her free time she enjoys cooking, baking, going to concerts and hanging out with Diesel at Montrose Dog Beach.


Assistant & Veterinary Technician

Emily began as a veterinary assistant at Duke Animal Hospital in the early Summer of 2017 and as of Spring of 2017 transitioned to a technician with the medical team.  She enjoys working with our patients and learning new things from the technicians and doctors. Aspiring to be a veterinarian in her future, this recent high-school graduate is attending DePaul University to obtain her Bachelor's in the Biological Sciences. Her ever-expanding pet family includes a blue heller mix named Coraline, her cat Lido, bearded dragon Scooter, and golden retriever Jack. She is also now the proud owners of two sassy chickens, Sarge and Louie, who produce delectable brown eggs for Emily's family and the staff! In her spare time she enjoys working on escape rooms, murder mysteries, and loves the outdoors and fishing.


Veterinary Technician

Gabby is a native Chicagoan but someday wants to live in the country with animals of her own. She has wanted to work in the veterinary field since she was young, and hopes to someday get the opportunity to work with wildlife. In her down time, she enjoys photography, cooking, and camping/hiking.  Gabby is also the proud owner of Schmidt, a domestic medium hair cat.


Veterinary Technician

Heidi has worked as a technician with Duke Animal Hospital since February of 2017, being Chicago born-and-raised. Having obtained her Master of Science from DePaul University in the Spring of 2018, she is working on her applications and interviews for veterinary school. The best perks of her job aside from the hands-on experience of working with the doctors are her amazing co-workers, especially Heidi - the box turtle with the same name, who can often be found lounging her in water bowl in the lobby. At home, she has two loving cats, Stella and Sal (pictured). Heidi the human also enjoys kitting, reading fiction, and swimming.



Isabel joined the team Fall of 2018. Biography coming soon.



Kristin joined the team in September of 2018 as an assistant, commuting every day from her hometown of Bolingbook. A certified Dog Walker with Wag!, she first found her love for animal medicine when her own dog presented with a strange allergic reaction. Determined to find the cause, she eventually determined he was allergic to chicken, and since has wanted to help other pet parents in their times of need. Kristin not only enjoys working with the animals here at Duke Animal Hospital, but also really enjoys working with the people here. From the helpful staff to the friendly clients, Kristin has felt welcomed into the community. She's planning on starting veterinary technician classes in Spring 2019, with goals of becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician.  At home, Krisitin has a sable Sheltie named Dexter, tri-color Aussie named Sadie, and two cats - a tabby named Felix and a torti named Zelda. Kristin has a love of cars, and enjoys hanging out with her her sister, playing with her pups, watching football with her dad, and going to concerts.


Veterinary Technician & Assistant

Maria started as an assistant here at Duke Animal Hospital during the Spring of 2017. She now works full-time as a technician, having pursued her interests in the care of animals. Biography coming soon.



Paige joined the team in November 2018 as a receptionist. Biography coming soon!


Veterinary Technician & Assistant

Taylor began her work at Duke Animal Hospital as an assistant, cross-training to become a technician. Biography coming soon!



In the Summer of 2018, Trinidad joined our front desk team and has been quickly learning from her fellow staff members. Having previously worked in the pet retail world, she easily fell in love with animals of all shapes and sizes, and came to Duke Animal Hospital to work alongside like-minded individuals who also had a passion for caring and learning more about our companions. Trinidad is a huge Cubs fan, only surpassed by her love for the Bulls. Mia, a twelve year old poodle with the demeanor of a puppy, lives at home alongside a 3 year old blue nosed pitbull who acts more like a stubborn teenager. Aside from getting in her dose of cuddles with her pets, Trinidad loves hiking, watching scary movies, Italian food, and has a passion for butter pecan ice cream that cannot be stopped.


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