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We are always striving to provide your pet with superior care.  Here is what some of our pet parents have to say about our practice: 

As a first-time cat owner (my family are all dog people) I have been nervous about finding a vet. I've heard so many horror stories and want to make sure my bud is getting the best care possible. Four days ago (Tuesday), I called Duke Animal Hospital to make an appointment. The woman I spoke to was so kind and helpful, and I basically had my choice of appointment days and times, with very minimal wait. I scheduled my appointment for 1 today (Saturday). I know I can be a little overbearing - I ended up calling with questions twice in the three days between scheduling and bringing him in. Both times, the women I spoke with were genuinely sweet and helpful, and instantly put me at ease. I never had to wait for more than four rings before somebody answered the phone, and I called at different times of day each time. Going in today, I was greeted by smiling professionals who seemed to truly enjoy working with animals. My cat instantly liked the vet tech, Corinne, who we met with, and she was very gentle and respectful of him while checking him out. Dr. Gutierrez was patient and talkative, and both she and Corinne were so genuinely kind and helpful the entire time. Though the clinic was apparently busy, it didn't feel like it; neither of them rushed me through anything or made me feel like we needed to hurry it up. They took the time to thoughtfully answer my questions and explain exactly what they were doing with him and the results they found. It was honestly an amazing experience, and with a cat as nervous as mine, it meant the world that all the employees I interacted with seemed to really enjoy their line of work and care about my pet's mental wellbeing as much as his physical health. I'm so glad I found this place! The pricing was very reasonable for a checkup, two vaccines, and his rabies tag, and my cat is less stressed now than he normally is when we have to leave the house. Thank you all for being so wonderful!!! I feel so much better knowing I have a reliable hospital for my little bud.

Daina S., on Yelp November 2018

Such a great vet! I have two cats and I have had such a positive experience with Duke Animal Hospital. They have multiple vets (and I have now seen all of them) and keep amazing notes about your pet, so no matter who you see they are prepared to help your animal. They are kind and caring towards anxious pets and also the owners! Free coffee and water, and the facilities are great. I am grateful to live so close and to have found them.

Laura H. on Google, October 2018

I have never had a better vet. They have gone above and beyond for me and my cat, Jade. From the women at the front desk, to the vet techs, to the doctors. When your animals are sick, this sort of compassion is so appreciated. It makes such a difference. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Jill H. on Yelp, June 2018

I can't recommend Duke Animal Hospital enough. When we first started bringing our animals here, Dr. Duke was always there and took the best care of our little friends. The front desk staff are funny and personable in between bouts of phone calls, and the techs love to ply your pets into submission with peanut butter or liver treats. It seems like Duke has expanded the practice a bit and there are more vets than there were previously, but each one that I've met I'd gladly see again to have them care for our pets. They really are pretty great and your pets will probably think so too.

Thomas R. on Google, April 2018

I found Duke Animal Hospital when trying to find emergency care for my kitty who had become lethargic. Scheduling was immediate, easy, and handled by friendly staff. Dr. Santiago was upfront with her experience with the situation which was confirmed by x-ray and blood work. She gave me options, but was reassuring and sympathetic when I decided to put my kitty to sleep. Dr. Santiago, the tech, and office staff could not have been kinder.

Because of scheduling, my other cat is now seen by Dr. Davis. Dr. Davis is extremely knowledgeable and I know Sweet T is in good hands.

I am impressed with Duke Animal Hospital on every visit. I don't live in the neighborhood, and there are other vets closer, but I can't imagine having my cat cared for elsewhere.

Megan F. on Yelp, February 2018

We've used Duke Animal Hospital for our three cats, and I do not hesitate to tell people they are the best vet in the city, period. They take great care in building a profile of your pet, and giving you honest opinions when it comes to solving health issues, instead of going straight for the most expensive treatment. They also are happy to let you know when an option may be a waste of time. All the staff are very friendly and compassionate. Highly recommended!

Brad B. on Google, October 2017

This place is great. There is a reason that the reviews are consistently positive across the board.

Our dog was in an accident over the weekend and sustained two rib fractures. He was traumatized by the event and wouldn't let anyone handle him. When we presented to Duke, a team immediately came out and began to treat him, even though they were about to close. They medicated him and coordinated treatment with a 24-hour animal hospital, which is where he was transported once stabilized.

I am very thankful that we went to the right place in a desperate situation. With the help of a sympathetic and competent team, our baby is doing much better and is making a speedy recovery.

Francesca V. on Yelp, August 2017

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