Our goal is to educate pet owners with essential knowledge about pet health concerns and pet care. In addition to our own website, we would like to share the following entertaining and educational websites concerning pet wellness. The links are grouped into several categories to provide quick access to information you find most important.

If you know of any additional links that you find instructive, please let us know! We are always seeking to provide notable resources for our pet parents and patients.

General Pet Information

The following links provide some good general information on pets.

American Kennel Club (AKC)

Provides visitors with essential information about dog breeds, including how to choose the correct dog for your lifestyle. Also offers information about the responsibilities of dog ownership.

ASPCA Poison Control Center

A pet-specific hotline for poison-related emergencies.

Other Interesting Websites

Other sites of interest on the Web.


Teaches kids about pet care through interactive learning and games.

International Pet Travel Information

Information regarding requirements for exporting animals to another country.

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